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Innovative Fitness

(979) 450-1027

3024 Texas Ave S

College Station, TX 77845, USA


Our Pricing and Service Philosophy:

Gym memberships are well known for being incredibly difficult to terminate prior to completion. We aim to be better than the industry standard, because we care about our clients. This is why we have restructured our pricing, cancellation, and payment systems. You've spoken, and we've heard you. We want you to come in and have fun while maintaining or building a healthy lifestyle, not stress about a contract. So here's the deal: 

Simple Pricing: 

$99 ALL ACCESS (including pole fitness)

$79 Strength and Conditioning (includes yoga and cardio)

$79 Pole Fitness (add $20 to include ALL ACCESS)

$59 Yoga (includes Cardio)

$39 Cardio 

1 time access fee of $39 (includes Key Fob for 24 hour access)

Cancellation Policy: 

Your contract will be terminated 30 days from the date we receive the completed Cancellation Request Form. This can be accessed below or by emailing We will send a link within 1 business day.  

Available discounts: 5%


Civil Service (Police, Firefighter, Paramedic)


Teachers and School Employees