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Innovative Fitness

(979) 450-1027

3024 Texas Ave S

College Station, TX 77845, USA


Strength Classes

Whether you're looking to tone & tighten or build muscle mass and size, our strength classes can help you meet your fitness goals! 

Putting on muscle is very important for helping you burn off excess fat, so we make sure to challenge every major muscle group with a wide variety of exercises. 

We work with everyone from beginners to fitness veterans and experts. Our trainers are all fitness experts in college station and they are able to make modifications to suit your skill and fitness level. Our strength and conditioning program is not just for bulking up and increasing muscle mass for competition, it's also for those wanting a leaner physique. 

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Get lean and  build strength

Strength & Conditioning

Innovative strength and conditioning program. We have a fun and innovative approach to strength that makes it fun and challenging! Designed for all fitness levels and skill levels so that the exercises can be modified to scale up or down the intensity.


High Intensity for all levels


Are you ready to shred fat, build muscle, and get into the best shape of your life? "Shred" is an Innovative mixture of body weight, cardio, free weights, and variations of fitness accessories to shred your body! Expect high energy and intensity in this style class!


Free to Community on Saturdays


Partner work outs and group activities as well as individual exercises. This is a great way to meet friends and stay in shape!